Why do you need Health insurance?  Health care costs are high, and getting higher. Health insurance protects you and your family in case you need medical care that can be very expensive.

Unlike other insurances, Health Insurance is one you will use and might use regularly. It is important to understand how your plan works, what it covers and costs you will be responsible for.

Terms to be familiar with:

Premium – monthly cost to have an insurance policy.

Co-Payment – a specified cost for a particular service (Doctor Visit)

Deductible – the cost of care you are responsible for before the insurance company pays.

Co-Insurance – the percent of shared expense between you and the insurance company after the deductible is met.

Out of Pocket Maximum – The limit of medical expenses you will pay in a calendar year for essential health benefits. The Deductible, Co-insurance and Co-payments all go towards the out of pocket maximum and once the maximum is reached the plan pays 100% of covered benefits.

Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act was signed into law March 23, 2010. Changes in health coverage began in 2010 and continue to be implemented. Some of the changes that have occurred are:

  • Preventive Care covered at 100%

  • No annual or Lifetime limits

  • Dependents can stay on a Parents plan until age 26

  • Preexisting conditions cannot be excluded

  • You cannot be denied coverage or charged a higher premium due to preexisting conditions

  • Policy cancellations are not allowed except for intentional misrepresentation or non-payment of premium.

  • All Qualified Health Plans must have the 10 Essential Health Benefits

Beginning 2014 health insurance is mandatory. A penalty payment can occur if you do not have health coverage, this payment will increase annually. The penalty will apply to each family member in the household. Some individuals may be eligible for subsidies according to the federal poverty level and choosing a Silver plan may be eligible for cost-sharing assistance. For more information on The Affordable Care Act you can go on HealthCare.gov online or call our agents at Coastal Benefits for assistance.

When can I buy health insurance coverage?

With the implementation of guaranteed health coverage you cannot wait to get coverage when you become sick or injured. The normal Open Enrollment period will be from November 1 and end  January 31.

There are specific situations, however, where an individual may get coverage outside the Open Enrollment Period, such as birth of a child, divorce, marriage, loss of employer coverage, ect.

The new changes in health insurance can be confusing let us help you through the maze of information to get the best coverage for your needs. Call Coastal Benefits Group and we can help make a recommendation based on your needs. We provide policies for individuals, families, and small businesses.

Dental Vision Insurance

Our overall health includes good dental and vision checkups. Doctors can detect signs of common health conditions by examining our eyes and teeth. Yearly exams are an important preventive measure for maintaining overall health and wellness. Many plans offer affordable packages for dental and vision benefits to help keep your beautiful smile and preserve your vision. We offer policies from many companies so you can choose a plan that fits your budget. Plans are available for individuals, seniors or small groups.